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Taking card payments on smartphones: a beginner’s guide

Leaps in technology have made taking card payments a doddle – in fact, you can now even take card payments on phone. While its official name is the slightly scary “Mobile Merchant Credit Card Processing”, all it means is that you can turn your smartphone – yup, that same thing you use to play Candy Crush and send Snapchats – into a dead simple card payment terminal, thanks to an app and a very simple machine to go with it.

You might be reading this now and thinking “Card payments are all very all well and good, but do I really need a card payment machine? My business is very small/we’re a travelling business/I don’t want to get locked into a contract.” But that’s the beauty of being able to accept card payments on smartphone – it’s especially designed for small businesses, or those who want to try it out. So let’s see if it’s for you…

Who is it relevant to?

  • You run a mobile business: You’re a plumber, mobile hairdresser, market stall owner, or any other business that involves travelling. You’d like to take card payments but you need something portable that can be carted around at a moment’s notice – and you can’t rely on having a wi-fi signal either. The solution? Take card payments on phone – it doesn’t require wi-fi and you’ve always got your phone on you, right?
  • You want to try out card payments: A little unsure about entering into a contract, or sceptical about how much it can help your business? Then accepting card payments on smartphone is perfect. There are no contracts; you simply buy the terminal for your phone, and pay a small transaction fee every time a sale is made. You can see how it impacts on your business, and it’s cheaper than traditional options.
  • Your business is very small: Because the transaction fees are low, and you don’t have to deal with the overheads of bigger card payment options, you’re not losing more money than you make – you can just use it when and as you need to accept credit card payments with phone.

That’s me! But what are the benefits?

  • You don’t miss sales. Ever been about to buy something expensive then realised you didn’t have enough cash? Maybe you put it down, went to a cash point, queued, got the cash, returned and bought the item. Or maybe you realised you were running late, put it down, and never returned. Being able to handle credit card mobile processing means you don’t have to miss out on any possible transactions.
  • It makes you look professional. Sorry, but it’s got to be said; not taking card payments doesn’t showcase your business in the most professional light. Providing a range of options shows that you take selling seriously.
  • It keeps your customers happy. Having to tell a customer that they’re going to need to get some cash out is very irritating on their behalf – and like with the point above, it’s often going to result in customers walking out without a purchase.

I’m sold. What do I need?

There are a few options out there, but the one we’re going to concentrate on for this purpose is WorldPay Zinc.

The vast majority of Apple and Android devices are supported – you can use iPhones, iPads, iPad minis and, of course, iPhones (right back to the 3GS). The handset options to take card payments on android are Google phones, HTC, LG, Samsung and Sony makes.

All you need apart from your phone is a the card payment terminal, an app, and a Bluetooth connection – then you’re ready to take card payments on smartphone!

How do I do it?

Once you’ve purchased your pinpad, all you have to do is download the app and sign up for your account online. Bingo – you’re ready to go! It’s simple, but if you get stuck at any point there are plenty of handy video tutorials to give you a heads-up.

Hooray! I can take card payments!

Glad to hear it! Taking card payments is really important to stay competitive in today’s business world – it’s the secret weapon that will help you keep up with the big guns. That’s why we love mobile card payment options… now no business, no matter how small (but mighty) needs to miss out on the opportunity. Go forth and sell stuff, heroes!

With WorldPay Zinc you can take secure card payments using your mobile: no commitment, low pricing, and money in your bank account within 3-4 business days. Sign up now – it only takes 5 minutes!