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Make Export your Superpower in 7 easy steps

With Brexit looming it’s easy to see why many SMEs are shying away from the limelight and burying their heads in the sand trying to pretend Brexit won’t affect them. The reality is Brexit will have an impact on your business regardless of whether you export or not.  So you can either wait it out and miss out on massive opportunities or you can plan to use Brexit to your advantage.

As an advocate for the latter, Jennifer Robson, author of Export, Thrive, Change the World, shows us how:

Now is the perfect time to export. It’s in the news all the time, and as a nation, we are getting serious Brexit fatigue, BUT it’s time to carpe diem. Right now as there has never been a better time to export.

The whole world is waiting to trade with the UK but we have spent a long time chasing Europe for opportunities rather than thinking strategically about the best ROI for our businesses. The World Trade Organisation rules are clear and there are opportunities waiting for you. If you’re not familiar with World Trade Organisation rules now is the time to get acquainted. You can create a major competitive advantage for your business by researching and understanding the compliance issues that affect your ability to do business overseas.

I have helped over 500 British SME’s to gain clarity about their business vision and create a blueprint for international success which aligns their growth with the capacity to achieve it. I can help you too.

In my book “Export, Thrive, Change the World” I share my seven secrets to export success and show you how to beat Brexit by becoming a purposeful exporter.

So how do you find your Export Superpower?

  1. Vision: You’ve got to be able to imagine the endpoint
  2. Values: What’s so super about you? What values make you extra special?
  3. Fear: Don’t shy from them, they will help you succeed but you need to know them, face them, kick them into touch so they work for you
  4. Power: Your USP, shout about it, rise to it, stop being the best-kept secret
  5. Authority: Rise, show your worth, demonstrate your value
  6. Legitimacy, dot the I’s and cross the T’s – be compliant
  7. Thrive – You can succeed anywhere in the world – go for it!

I believe the key to be successful internationally is to be intentional. So many either fail to consider international opportunities and are leaving money on the table, or they respond rashly to the first bit of international interest they receive and take their business in a direction that is unsustainable and costly.


I show you a third way

Using my seven-step process you can get intentional about your aims and objectives and identify and pursue a strategy and route to market that is suitable for your business and will enable you to thrive.

With Brexit making headlines every day it’s easy to see why it dominates our thoughts but there is business to be had beyond Brexit that could help you ride out the uncertainty and flourish while others falter. All it takes is for you to be brave enough to look further afield, to ask the right questions, and to position yourself as an authority. I’ll help you to take these steps.

I’ve put together a 5-step summary to get you started right now:

Step 1: Introduce scenario strategizing into your business and actively plan for each Brexit possibility. (Jennifer offers start-ups a list of scenarios.) – what do you mean here by she offers scenarios, do you mean I offer scenarios)

Step 2: Export with purpose not by accident. Do your research, be strategic about which markets will maximize your opportunity to succeed. Make sure this is aligned with your capacity and resources – you don’t want to undermine your UK business in pursuit of overseas gains.

Step 3: Identify your fears linked to both Brexit and Exporting and generate a plan to overcome them.

Step 4: Don’t be overly concerned with what your competitor is doing. Focus on your own business and develop the most effective business model.

Step 5: Surround yourself with experts, now is the time to know your freight forwarder, your currency management team, your lawyer and your accountant. Renew your chamber of commerce membership. These teams will help you stay up to date with relevant information and be compliant as you deal with Brexit.