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How to invest in your team for the most effective business

If you have a great team, your business will flourish. But how can you make them as productive and cohesive as possible? Mark Watts, Director at Just Airsoft explains.


At the core of your business lies the team. Of course, few people underestimate the value of the team. However, like many things in business, a team does need work and it’s essential that you as a business owner invest in activities and practises which will actively support the team. Of course, many of these are obvious, having an HR department and an inclusive environment, perks and wellness, but let’s look specifically at where to best invest your money to make the most of an effective workforce.


The first step in creating a strong team in the first place is investing in talent acquisition. We know that sometimes recruitment can be expensive, agency fees and trawling through resumes can take a lot of time and effort. However, if you can find the right people who are suited to the job, this will save you money in the long run. Remember to always recruit based on personality and values rather than particular experience. Personality can’t be taught, whereas a skill set can be. People with the right values are likely to be invested in the long-term strategy of the business, rather than having to invest again and again in quick movers in business.

Team building

One of the most important factors to invest in within your workforce is team building exercises. There is no point in investing in talent and skill if they do not work well together. In fact, one of the main issues in hiring strong minded individuals is that they may have the capacity to clash, so it’s essential you put them into some kind of social and bonding activity before they need to work together.

There are a variety of different team building exercises that will help with this. Firstly, consider a logical challenge such as escape rooms, which are now available in most cities. These primarily use logic and practical thinking to overcome a challenge. It will use a variety of different skill sets to work together, as the tasks are often varied and require different realms of thinking so that everyone can get involved.

Studies show that a team that has overcome obstacles together is more likely to bond and work well collectively. This shows that team building exercises that create logical challenges in this way are more likely to help the team to work most effectively together. As well as this, working as a team requires a level of trust, so these challenges help to build trust which will continue long after the activity has been completed.

Another type of activity which is important to consider in team building is fun exercises. This aids in building a team because it really supports getting to know the personality of your colleagues. To really want to work with someone you want to know what they are motivated by and to do this you need to get an in depth insight into their personality, and all this can be done through having fun together. Social situations also detaches any hierarchy and power dynamics that might exist in the workplace and allows colleagues get to know each other on a personal, one on one basis.

Considering the above points, sporting exercises that require both strategy and fun are one of the best scenarios to invest in for your team. There are a whole variety of these but examples include paintballing, bowling, rafting or airsoft.


Finally, investing in welfare for your team as a whole as well as on an individual basis is crucial. This includes a variety of practical things including training, effective HR policies and perks such as office fruit. On an individual basis as well though, the welfare of each employee should be taken seriously. This includes aspects such as ensuring they take the all of their holiday allowance, not overworking after hours and having the opportunity to have a say in business decisions which affect them.

Ultimately, it is the joint efforts of the team that eventually decide the success or failure of a project, in life, sport and in the workplace. With this in mind then, it seems obvious then that investing heavily in the welfare, relationships and talent within your team becomes absolutely essential for an effective business.