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Five simple and inexpensive tips for successful corporate gifts

It can be hard to strike the right balance with corporate gifts. Ziti Cards explains how to get it right.


It is not all about the value of the gift you give to a person that shows gratefulness, the way one presents the contribution to the intended person is what matters.

A company can opt for branded promotional items as corporate cards to their employees, and such gifts give the employee a sense of identification with the company. However, there is no aspect of personalization in such contributions.

Most companies use personalized gifts, and they demonstrate appreciation in a better way as it helps to strengthen the working relationships of the two parties. Every firm desires to have a healthy relationship with its employees and everybody else in the company.

Such links are cherished because they increase the employees’ morale towards work as well as motivate the employees to work hard. This is important because when the employees work harder, the general production output increases too.

Aim at getting a valuable and durable gift

Mostly the award can be small but, with a firm intention of appreciating an employee, they will feel welcomed no matter the size of the tip or its price. Whether the gift is small, simple or inexpensive, it should always last for a longer time.

For example, a company can buy simple watches and distribute them among office workers, and this will remind the employees that the employer is thoughtful and generous.

It will strengthen the relationship and yield excellent results when it comes to the production capacities and qualities.

The gifts should be the best and appreciated by the recipient, and recipients should not shy off from showing the contributions to their friends and families.

Make use of the amount in hand to buy affordable luxuries

The money available should be used appropriately if it is not enough to buy specific expensive gifts, one can then opt for affordable gifts that will not end up blowing the budget.

The reward need not be luxurious, the tips can be small, and the prices should be accessible. For example, if one has a hundred dollars they can opt for a box of macaroons instead of expensive watches.

The gifts price should be reasonable and affordable and should not exceed the benefits accrued from it. Otherwise, it will be uneconomical to use the gifts to motivate the employees and later regret the action.

Choose gifts that are repeatedly used by the recipients

The aim of the gifts should be to keep the name of the company and its management in the minds of the customers and employees.

Therefore, the gift should comprise of those items that are used daily by the recipients such as desk cloths, personal planners and also tea mugs.

Whenever the gift recipient is using the items, they will always remember the person who gave it to them.

As a result, they will have the zeal to work hard to impress the person who gave it to them. They can then show gratitude by working hard, complying with the respective corporate policies as well as getting to work on time. Employees for example will work hard to produce and offer quality services.

Keep in mind the intent of the gift

If the corporate gift is intended to promote a business brand, then the gift chosen should have something showing that it is from the company. For example, you can have the business logo written on the present.

This shows the association between the company and the recipient, as a result, when another person sees the gift, then the business brand will increase.

A company can for example give pens bearing the company’s name to its customers, and this will have a significant impact on the customers’ minds.

It increases the business recognition because each time someone sees a person using a pen with a name printed on it they will want to know more about the name.

On the other hand, if the corporate gift is intended to promote and establish strong business relationships between the employees and the employer, the then both their names can be provided in the corporate gift.

As a result, the employee can proudly identify themselves with the company, and they have a sense of ownership with the company.

Use recipient names when giving out the corporate gifts

Sometimes the corporation may lack appropriate corporate gifts to give to their employees or customers, yet they have the urge to do so. There is no need to worry since there are other ways of appreciating them that will make them feel good and appreciated.

It may opt to use the names of the respective persons when carrying out charitable donations for example to children’s homes and prisons. This will create a good business image, generate goodwill for the business as well as provide satisfaction to the business partners.

Besides, it is a source of a free and effective way of marketing the business.

In that case, the business will benefit more having used little to carry out the whole process even after fulfilling its intended purposes.

To conclude, there is no need for business corporations to worry if their budgets do not allow for expensive corporate gifts since the above tips will help them deal with such issues.