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Creating Staff Incentives for Small Businesses

Offering staff something extra along with their paycheck each month can have a huge impact on motivation and performance at work. While offering a quarterly bonus is a draw for many employees, there are other personal touches which can make a difference to those looking to get something more out of work than just money. Introducing staff incentives is one such way to reward employees for achieving goals.

Although it may seem like a no-brainer of a prize, money isn’t always the best incentive. Opting for incentives which are more personal and creative not only make the team more excited; it can really show your creativity as a business and make it a more desirable place to work for.

One of the joys of a small business is knowing your staff and having that more personable approach. Using that familiarity to create an incentive which people genuinely care about can produce better results, boost team morale and create a positive working environment. Whether you’re planning a group incentive or one for all individuals to get involved in, here are some points to consider.

You Don’t Need to Focus on Profit

Naturally, the aim of any business is to make money, but an incentive which focuses on making more profit isn’t necessarily something that employees value. If a company makes more profit, employees may never see this money, so creating a profit-related incentive won’t always create maximum motivation and enthusiasm.

Creating an incentive which focuses on service or working as a team can be much more efficient and engaging. For example, if you’re a small hairdressing business, don’t ask the team to sell the most expensive products and haircuts. Why not see if they can get two new clients each per month? It means they have to be creative and it’s not just about the money; it’s about getting new clients and new people through the door.

Time Off Can be Much More Rewarding

A recent survey discovered that holidays and time off are both incentives which motivate employees. With this in mind, combining both of these as an incentive prize is a sure-fire way to boost performance and engage employees in hitting their targets.

The incentive reward could be two extra days off (creating a long weekend) and a holiday booked and ready to take. A long weekend holiday could involve a gorgeous log cabin at a secluded forest retreat, a city break, or even a last-minute cruise deal.

Personal Vouchers

Amazon vouchers as rewards are great, because you can buy pretty much anything on Amazon. However, demonstrating that you know your employees and giving them a prize which is personal can work much better. Is a team member or their other half pregnant? How about getting them a voucher for a child care store? Does somebody love beauty? Give them a voucher for a makeover. Adding a personal prize is the right way to incentivise staff; it shows that the business listens, cares and can offer employees things that genuinely benefit them.

Being Paid to Stay Fit

Exercise is something which many employees aim to fit into their day, but it can often be a struggle. This is why some companies are paying their employees to work out. This kind of incentive works for both the employer and the employee. The employee gets regular exercise and doesn’t have to worry about fees or time lost. In return, the employer gets a healthy member of staff who will come to work feeling active and refreshed.

Creating incentives that employees actually want is a great way to boost performance and motivation. For small businesses, it can even be worthwhile sitting down with your staff and discussing with them what motivates them most to work. Once you have their answers, you can create incentives to boost their performance and establish a great working environment.


Author Bio:

Paul Edge is the director of Cruise Club UK. Paul knows how to incentivise his team to get the very best results. Paul loves travelling and when he isn’t running his business; you can catch him on an idyllic NCL or Azamara cruise.