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Building a Successful Ecommerce Site – What You Should Know

By John Stone, editor of the BizzMarkBlog

In this Internet-governed world, numerous business opportunities are waiting around the corner, to be picked up and put into practice. Founding an ecommerce site is definitely one of them. However, before you set off for a long-lasting ecommerce journey, it is essential to get informed on the nuts and bolts of that business field. In accordance with the words of Elon Musk – “I don’t create companies for the sake of creating companies, but to get things done” – every entrepreneur who is planning to launch an ecommerce business needs to know in advance what they want to achieve and how to do that. So, let’s start with some ecommerce education.

It’s about customers, not about you

Personal preferences should not interfere with business decisions. You can have your own visions in terms of the website esthetics and functionality, but you are not one of the customers here. What every ecommerce website owner should aim for is to offer their customers a nice and easy buying experience. So, adapt the visuals of the site and simplify its usability, to ensure that every single John and Jane Doe can easily find what they want. Only when you have forged a firm base of loyal website visitors should you try to diversify the offer, through different coupons and special VIP cards for the most devoted customers.

Reach every platform

Creating a traditional website for commercial purposes has become an obsolete approach to ecommerce. With the rise of the empire of smartphones and tablets, the number of potential commercial opportunities in the online sphere has skyrocketed. If we should believe Forbes, the amount of the global B2B ecommerce revenue will have reached $6.7 trillion by 2020. In addition, the fact that the number of tablet and smartphone users is also going to grow in the time ahead should inspire every new ecommerce business enthusiast to direct their websites towards that audience. Moreover, if the target audience for your business consists of younger people, launching a site for mobile platforms only could be a cost-effective and visitor-friendly solution.

Beat their payment fears

Although online commerce is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, many people still have doubts about buying via the web. If they feed their fears with a sense of insecurity, they will never buy anything from your or any other website. This is why offering your ecommerce customers several alternative payment methods could be something that will attract them to buy from you. In accordance with this trust-gaining agenda, introducing users’ comments and ratings is an excellent way of proving your visitors that you are a serious and reliable ecommerce player.

Gain popularity through social media

Today it is hard to meet a person who does not have a social media account. It goes without saying that the commercial potential of social media users is enormous. However, things will not happen out of the blue. Ecommerce business owners should invest time and creativity in their presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram. For instance, the latter is the most useful commercial tool for popularising your products among younger people. The Wall Street Journal has done an interesting interview with some creative ecommerce executives; have a look at their ideas and opinions on the future of ecommerce on the global level.

No matter how self-generating ecommerce businesses might look, there is a lot of sweat and tears behind them. Such businesses can bring a substantial income, but only after months and years of dedicated work. It is important to follow technological and economic trends to keep bringing fresh ideas to your ecommerce website and enjoy its crops once your business becomes a large company. ecommerce website and enjoy its crops once your business becomes a large company.