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5 nuggets we’ve discovered about using Twitter

How did Arena Flowers turn its Twitter account around? Will Wynne talks us through some of their social media secrets for SMEs.

Arena Flowers’ humorous Twitter account has been far more successful than its sales driven, promotion-code spewing former self. Appealing to Twitter followers is one of the many lessons that we’ve learnt about the best ways to use your Twitter account to fulfill its eCommerce potential. Here are the 5 of our most effective:

1) Entertaining Followers

First up, at Arena Flowers we learnt how Twitter can be used to entertain followers. Realistically, if you just tweet about sales promotions and different bouquets of flowers, eventually followers will become weary of you and start automatically glossing over your tweets when they see them in their Twitter feeds. So how do you combat that? You need to make sure that your users find your tweets interesting or entertaining in some way. So now, when our followers see our tweets they assume they will be entertained and will stop to read them. If we then throw in a few promotional tweets every now and again, then we can be pretty sure that our followers will read them.

2) Topical conversation It is also important that our tweets are not all completely pre-written.  This means that we can respond to topical events, and therefore latch on to interest in major events.  For example, we were able to take advantage of the recent interest in the iPhone 6 and come up with this tweet:

3) ‘Retweet and Follow to Enter’ competitions are a waste of time

Retweet to win competitions are a waste of time as while they bring in new followers, these are virtually all semi-professional compers who then unfollow when they don’t win. Regular followers simply ignore such promotions too.

4) Who should you follow? Always follow people who interact with you and always try to follow people with protected accounts, otherwise you don’t know if they retweet you and they can’t speak to you. There is a limit on how many people an account can follow before it becomes unmanageable, though, so stick to following people who could become customers, i.e. are based in the territories you sell to.

5) Crisis Management

On Valentine’s Day 2013 we had issues completing a very small percentage of orders.  So in order to effectively communicate with customers, we had to utilise every communication channel possible, including the Arena Flowers Twitter account.  In this instance, Twitter was used to provide disgruntled customers with updates on their orders, and to send direct individual messages to customers reassuring them that their complaints were being handled.



Image credit: Yunaco