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Contribution Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in contributing to SmallBusinessHeroes.co.uk! Now we’re pretty fussy about what we publish, so here are a few guidelines that will give your content the best chance of making it past the editor first time round:

a)    Any content submitted will be subject to our editorial process – we reserve the right to edit/not publish content that does not meet the standards laid out below.

b)    Pitches should be in the form of a short synopsis outlining the topic and arguments of the piece in bullet points. No essays please! And no phone calls!

c)    SBH is committed to content that is genuinely useful and interesting for small business owners. While we will include a link/author biography, any pieces that are overly salesy or that aren’t advice- or opinion-led will not be published.

d)    Articles submitted should reflect the editorial style of the blog – chatty and snappy. Anything dry or dull won’t make it past our editors.

e)    All content must be exclusive to SmallBusinessHeroes.co.uk.

f)     While we are interested in receiving news and updates, we are not news-led and do not publish press releases or news stories.

g)    Articles should be between 500 and 1000 words in general (unless specified otherwise).

h)    Each piece should be accompanied by a landscape photo and a short bio of the author.