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The turn off for a new career

The purpose of life is to live with excitement and experience new thrills — but sometimes, our conventional 9-5 job can bring us back down to Earth. There comes a point where you feel as though you have hit a brick wall and looking for an entirely new career path can seem too difficult. However, it’s not when you can live life in the fast lane, working from the comfort of your own van!

In 2016, 2.8 billion packages and parcels were delivered throughout Britain — which astonishingly went by 65% on 2012’s records according to the Mintel’s Courier and Express Delivery UK 2017 report. This has encouraged the rise in next day deliveries which has heightened business for delivery drivers in the UK.

To switch up your career, becoming a courier is just one option. Take a look at our infographic, brought to you by Van Monster — retailers of ford vans to accelerate your new route of life.