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The changing face of POS systems and their impact on customer experience

Running a small business – and knowing its limitations – can be frustrating at times. Many exciting business innovations require so much cash or specialist expertise that only the biggest companies can afford to implement them. But when the technology comes along that allows you to punch above your weight and compete with the biggest and best, the benefits for smaller companies are great. POS systems are one such accessible and game-changing business tool that will transform your customer service.

Transforming the customer relationship

Today’s point of sale systems are a step up from the simple cash registers of old. Multi-faceted and sophisticated, they boast a range of benefits that go way beyond taking cash and credit cards, to companies large and small. Offering an improved payment process alongside a host of integrated functionalities to help you run your business, modern POS systems have the power to transform customer experience in a number of different ways:

  • Increased efficiency, thanks to quicker payments and an intuitive interface, will shorten queues, speed up service and keep customers satisfied.
  • Detailed data from each and every transaction is stored instantly in your database, providing valuable information about the preferences and buying habits of your actual customers and helping you to tailor your offering to their wants and needs.
  • Customer conveniences like integrated online booking and payments, individualised loyalty schemes and customised gift cards are all features that can be added on to modern POS systems. They’ll endear you to your clients, showing that you value them and care about the quality of their interaction with your company.

Accessible for smaller companies

The key thing to remember about all of this impressive functionality is that it’s within your reach, even as a smaller company. Whatever expertise you have in-house, incorporating a POS system that allows you to compete with others in your field is something that can be easily achieved, with the aid of a POS provider that can take care of the technical side. A good provider will be able to advise you on integrating the POS, managing your database and considering add-ons like booking software or online ordering that might suit your particular business.

  • Easy to use. Even if you’re not an IT whizz, you’ll find that modern point of sale systems tend to be highly usable and intuitive. If you can swipe an iPad, you’ll be able to find your way around an iPad POS.
  • Rental options. If you’re in need of a cost-effective solution, you can hire the POS hardware rather than buying it outright.

Positive impacts for business and customer

The changing face of POS systems represents a genuine revolution for small business owners. Offering a win-win for small businesses and customers alike, the functionality at your fingertips will enable you to offer a better and more efficient service, pleasing your clients and attracting extra custom while eliminating guesswork from difficult decisions. Used cleverly, your POS will give you a competitive advantage for business, levelling the playing field to let you compete with rival companies of all sizes.

Written by Josh Smith, Operations Manager at Eposability.