Celebrating the people behind British small businesses

The benefits of entering UK business awards

If you’ve never considered entering your company or organisation into a business award, you might want to think again. It’s not just about the glitz and the glamour of an awards night (although this is an enjoyable perk). Business awards are a great opportunity to celebrate your achievements, and can have a huge positive impact on your business, in both monetary and motivational terms.

Boost morale and motivation

As a small business owner you’ll know that keeping staff happy and motivated is vital if you’re going to operate successfully. Thus, anything that will raise morale and give your team something to work towards together will provide a fantastic boost for your business. Making the shortlist for a business award is a tangible recognition of your achievements and rewarding hard working staff will make your workforce feel appreciated.

Raise your profile

Winning an award (or even getting shortlisted for one) is a green light for lots of positive publicity. Local papers, trade press and social media can all spread the great news about your business, generating publicity and boosting trade. Endorsement by a relevant business award will give you extra credibility too, showing that you’re recommended by trade specialists who really know the field.

Get recognition for your achievements

Running a small business can too often be a hard slog. You’ve put yourself out there, taken risks and worked all hours to make your business a success. So getting your business recognised as an example of excellence in the field is a rare chance to bask in the recognition you deserve. You can use it to take stock – you’ve come a long way under your own steam, and this is just the start. Your status as an award winner will have you dreaming up plans for your next step to world domination.

Network with other small businesses

Networking is a vital tool in the world of small business, and you can never make too many contacts. At your awards night you’ll get chatting to a diverse range of entrepreneurs, so have your business cards at the ready and prepare to work the room. Those businesses who are nominated for a differing award category to your own may be useful contacts who you can later partner up with in some way. Meanwhile, your category competitors will make for extremely interesting conversational partners – be friendly, you could learn a lot from them.

Up your game

Healthy competition stops you from getting too comfortable and resting on your laurels. It’ll keep you on your toes, thinking and working hard on new, innovative business ideas that’ll set you apart from your competitors. Entering a business award will make you aware of these competitors, how they operate and what they’re doing better than you. After rubbing shoulders with other business owners from your field, you’ll find inspiration from others and work that bit harder to up your game. Inevitably, this will result in better ideas, better service and bigger profits for your company.

Written by James Hyde: Founder and Operations Director at James and James, a leading eCommerce Fulfilment Service for companies worldwide with centres in the US, Europe and Australasia.