Celebrating the people behind British small businesses

Small business understudies for Ben Affleck on the Batman set

All of the world (well, Twitter, anyway) is agog today with the news that Ben Affleck is to play the new Batman. We like to think of you all as little small business Batmans, throwing shapes and fighting crimes* (*figuring out your tax returns) – Bruce Wayne is an entrepreneur in his day job, after all. So we decided to have a think about who in the real-life business world we would prefer to play the ultimate superhero – whether because we think they deserve the role, or because they’d look funny in the outfit…

Richard Branson

richard branson batman

You knew this was coming, right? He looks good in a cape, he’s insanely successful, helps numerous charities, and supports small businesses in a way that few other major business figures do.

Donald Trump

donald trump batman

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying Donald Trump is one of the world’s most famous businessmen. But is he a hero or a villain? Like the real Batman, he’s ambiguous… and looks good in the mask.

Lord Sugar

Alan Sugar Batman

Our Al is definitely fierce enough to take on the villains of the business world. Even the Joker would quake coming up against him in a dark alley if he was in one of his strops, we reckon. Nick and Margaret would have to fight over the Robin’s green tights, though.

Peter Jones

peter jones batman

Very very tall and determined, we reckon Peter could be a formidable Batman – at least from behind, in the dark.

Theo Paphitus

theo batman

He used to be a Dragon, which means that he used to be championing the little people and trying to give them a helping hand through the tough world of business. Or near enough.

Boris Johnson

boris batman

As the capital’s mayor, it’s Bozza’s responsibility to look after the people of London, so we think he deserves the mask. Batgeek fact #347: did you know that Bruce Wayne was mayor of Gotham for a week? Well, you do now.

And a bonus…

davcam batman

We didn’t take this photo of David Cameron – @hullstephen tweeted it – but it’s too funny not to include.


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