Celebrating the people behind British small businesses

The reality of small business life: in gifs

Life as a small business owner is filled with highs and lows – from working on a bank holiday to the satisfaction of a job well done. We take a light-hearted look at what being a small business owner is really like.

When everyone squeals about the bank holiday and getting a 3 day weekend, while you know you’ll be doing invoices

bank holiday gif

How you feel when a difficult customer wants a 70% discount


When you get a good customer review on the internet


When you’re chasing a late payment

late payments

When you get an unexpected tax rebate

tax rebate

When someone wrote an amazing story about your business in the local paper


When you’ve been in the office since 5 am and someone rings at 18.10 asking if you could complete an important invoice right away

invoice gif 

Actually, any time you’re doing an invoice


But whatever happens, you’re a brilliant small business owner – you can take anything the world throws at you!