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Are your customers listening to you?

Radio used to be one of the main channels considered in marketing and advertising plans, but nowadays, especially for small businesses, it can be forgotten. Aaron Matthews, founder and Executive Producer at Creative Fix, a London based creative production company specialising in audio advertising, explains why it’s still an important medium.


Are your customers listening to you? This is something I always ask business owners and their teams and I mean it quite literally: have they heard about you? Are you telling them a story about your services, your product or brand? Most companies usually think they are doing all of these things, yet have never considered adding audio advertising into their marketing mix. This sounds alarm bells, as audio advertising is perhaps one of the most under utilised but most impactful marketing tools out there.

Audio listening is huge right now and continues to grow. Smartphone technology and DAB radio means that we can access radio anywhere, no longer conformed to the home or the car, and a huge 22.3 million people in the UK regularly listen to online audio – that’s over 41.3% of the population. On average, those people are spending 9.9 hours a week listening to digital audio so it’s no surprise that savvy brands and advertisers are increasingly turning to audio advertising to get their message out there – and you should be too.

I’m an ex-radio producer and know first-hand audio’s unique ability to trigger emotions, whether because of the tone or pitch of a particular voice, a certain sound effect or simply through connotations stirred by a piece of music. It’s a powerful tool – nearly half of consumers believe the music used by a brand helps them better understand its personality, meaning they are more likely to connect with the brand and become a customer (Source: PHMG)

More than that, audio advertising works so well because it helps to tell a brand’s story. Whatever sort of customer you and your company are looking to secure, from consumers through to buyers of business services, ultimately what sells a brand is its ability to connect with potential customers. Brand identity is key; audio provides the perfect emotive storytelling vehicle to create impactful advertising that converts listeners to customers.

One of the biggest misconceptions I’ve come across since I launched Creative Fix, a creative production company specialising in audio brand ads, is that advertising has to be astronomically expensive – not so. Great audio adverts can be created with a small budget and a lot of creativity. We’ve worked with startup companies right through to international giants like Spotify, Levi’s, American Express and more. But the thing that connects all of our accounts is one thing: creativity.

For many years I worked as a radio producer and became increasingly frustrated at the quality of audio advertisements. You know the type, the particularly jarring, corny, spoken-too-quickly adverts, so I decided to do something about this. I wanted to create powerful adverts that instead of annoying listeners, intrigued them -something we pride ourselves son at Creative Fix. With podcasts currently enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity and streaming services like Spotify dominating the way we enjoy music, it would be careless to ignore the gravitas audio adverts can add to your marketing mix – with 24million people in the UK streaming music and podcasts each week, why wouldn’t you want a slice of that pie?! (Source: Rajar).