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8 employees who disgraced themselves on social media

On social media, there is nowhere to hide – as poor old Biebs found out this weekend when his mug shot ended up splashed all over Twitter. He wasn’t the first to discover that what happens on social media goes the places you really don’t want them to go – here are 8 employees who disgraced themselves by forgetting to check their social media privacy settings.

Insulting the boss

This image speaks for itself.

facebook 1

Publicly shaming a customer

An employee at a US restaurant posted this photo to Facebook – a receipt that a customer had customised by scribbling out the service charge and asking “I give God 10% – why should you get 18?” The customer complained, and the employee was promptly fired.


The secret ingredient

Taco Bell just employees just love to lick food, as the photos below testify – shame they uploaded them to Facebook and got unceremoniously fired.

taco bell


Indiscreet Tweets

Yeah, better not tweet about hating the work when you’ve just been offered a job, really.



Guess who got fired?

Can’t say we’re surprised.

facebook 2

Tipping Trauma

What’s the best option – deal with having a small tip, or rant about it on social media and lose all your income?



Selfish, low life prune

We actually quite like this insult. Yolo.

facebook 4