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6 top apps for business trips this summer

Andy Speight, managing director, Digital Trip

Whether you want to keep on top of business stuff while you’re taking a trip abroad this summer, or you’re travelling for work, when it comes to technology there are other things to consider apart from remembering the right adaptor. From helping you around to sussing out the local lingo, there are plenty of apps that can improve your trip – ones that will save you from having to pay hefty bills, stop you getting ripped off, and even prevent you from burning in the sun. No more getting lost or being laughed at by locals – with these apps you’ll be sorted in no time!


Data roaming charges are still very high, but this handy app will help you bypass a large bill at the end of your holiday. Once installed, it reduces the amount of data you need to perform everyday tasks such as downloading emails, updating your Facebook status, or keeping up with the gossip on Twitter. Having the Internet handy in a foreign country is an absolute must, so enjoy data usage without worrying about a massive payment when you get home. Best of all, this app is free on Android and iPhone.


Tipping in an unfamiliar country is rarely something to worry about until you’re at the table getting dirty looks from the waiter. In some countries a generous tip will cause offence, while in others what may seem generous will draw scathing remarks. This super app not only helps to split bills with ease, but it also calculates tips depending on where you are and the currency you’re using. It’s available on iPhone for just 69p.

Voice Translator Pro

You have the money sorted – now what about the lingo?  You could struggle  through with a phrase book and a lot of miming, but this clever app supports over 50 languages in text-to-text mode and 11 languages with voice recognition. It uses both Google and Bing’s translation services to provide the best accuracy possible, so at the very least you should have no bother finding the toilets. It’s available on Android for £1.95.

XE Currency

This is a well-loved classic, and for good reason. Don’t bother paying for one of the many currency converter apps out there when you can get a hold of this beauty for free. It’s slick, simple, and uses live currency rates, so you can keep to date with even the most minor fluctuations. With this in your pocket, you’ll easily see the best rate and whether that coffee shop is as expensive as you first thought.

Around Me

This clever app is great for answering questions you would normally need to ask a local. Like a private tour guide, it can tell you where the best hotels, shops and food experiences are near you. It works locating you and finding nearby points of interest based on what you’re looking for. It’s also free, so no need to splash holiday cash to get a personalised experience.


Scientists reckon up to 80 per cent of skin damage caused before the age of 60 is due to the sun – so it’s time to slap on the sunscreen. We’re sure you remembered to pack it, but to get optimum protection you have to be smart about applying it. This free app cleverly detects the UVI rating of your location and sets a countdown timer to alert you when it’s time for reapplication. Simply input your skin type, the SPF of your sun block – and keep the lobster look away with ease.