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4MinuteTech – a new way of keeping up with tech news

Small business owners are notoriously busy. But despite this, you still need to stay up to date with all the newest tech developments to successfully run your business in this digital age. It’s quite a dilemma.

What if we told you there’s a way to find all the latest tech news, content and app and software reviews without having to spend hours searching online. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Recently launched YouTube channel 4MinuteTech provides all of this and more – packaged in digestible four-minute-long videos.

Want to find out more about Bitcoin, and how to start trading – 4MinuteTech has got you covered.

Or do you need to find a way to relax and calm down, without it taking up too much of your precious time? Then you should head on over to 4MinuteTech and check out TopLine Comms Founder and CEO, Heather Baker’s review of the 13 best meditation apps for people in a rush or the best mediation apps with free versions, if you’d rather try before you buy.

4 MinuteTech was set up to help regular (and busy) people find the best tech. We hope it helps you.

You already use YouTube to learn new skills, be inspired and unwind – why not use it to get your tech fix and find new tools to grow your business too? Subscribe to 4MinuteTech now to make sure you never miss an update.