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20 must-follow twitter accounts for young entrepreneurs

1. Shell Live Wire UK – @shelllivewireuk

Shell Live Wire is a brilliant resource for young entrepreneurs, tweeting about useful competitions, funding, and advice. It also runs heaps of great prizes (usually with cash prizes…. get in).

2. Biz Britain – @BizBritain

Biz Britain is a website dedicated to championing young entrepreneurs without degrees, proving that you don’t need to go to university to be a success. Its Twitter feed tweets really handy business advice. The founder, @MattGubba, is also worth a follow – his tweets are pretty inspirational.

3. Amber Atherton – @AmberAtherton

Amber is a young and jet-setting entrepreneur with a really strong Twitter following. Her Twitter feed is a fun personal insight into her life, but it’s also useful for other entrepreneurs using Twitter (so, erm, all of you?) to see how she does it so successfully.

4. The Prince’s Trust – @PrincesTrust

A foundation that helps the young adults of Britain change their lives, the Prince’s Trust strongly champions enterprise and provides support for young entrepreneurs

5. Youth Business International – @YouthBizInt

YBI is a global network of organisations helping young people start businesses in over 40 different countries. It’s an invaluable place to find out about resources and relevant business news.

6. All Top Startups – @Alltopstartups

On this Twitter account you’ll find lots of information about resources for start-up businesses, specifically geared towards young entrepreneurs.

7. Mark Zuckerberg – @finkd

Well we couldn’t leave the founder of Facebook out of the list, could we? As one of the most influential people in the social media world, we reckon any young entrepreneur can learn a thing or two from his Twitter feed.

8. Matt Mullenweg – @photomatt

The inventor of WordPress, Gravatar, Automattic and more… and just 26. Great for young tech-head entrepreneurs.

9. New Entrepreneurs – @Newentrefound

A sociable and fun Twitter account that doles out loads of handy advice to entrepreneurs who’ve just started up.

10. Talk Business – @TalkBusinessMag

Talk Business is a magazine supporting young businesses, and especially useful for all the great business articles and tips they retweet.

11. Mark Pearson – @markpearson

Twice crowned Young Entrepreneur of the Year and founder of Markco media (which includes MyVoucherCodes.com), Mark’s Twitter account is a great insight into running a business.

12. Young Britain – @youngbritain

A site dedicated to helping the UK’s yoof start their own businesses and be their own boss – approachable and full of sound advice.

13. Tycoon In Schools – @TycoonInSchools

A scheme backed by Dragon Peter Jones, it aims to encourage young people to live their entrepreneurial dreams.

14. Rockstar Youth – @RockstarYouth1

This is a mentoring and private funding organisation aimed at those aged between 18 and 30. Follow them to find out more about events and get handy business tips.

15. Steve Bartlett – @_SteveBartlett

Steve is the founder of Wallpark, a social network for students to connect and organise their lives – houses, jobs and more are advertised, and people can find out about what’s happening on campus.

16. Emily Brooke – @buzzbrooke

Emily came up with the brilliant invention of a light on the front of bicycles that casts a cyclist symbol onto the ground in front of the bike, so cars don’t miss you. Her Twitter is chatty and inspirational!

17. Start Up Britain – @startupbritain

A brilliant resource for those just starting up their businesses, and it feels like a little community of entrepreneurs.

18. TheBusinessArk – @BusinessArk

Described as a ‘social enterprise empowering young entrepreneurs on a global scale’, this account tweets loads of interesting business stories.

19. YES Education – @yesteam

A brilliantly inspirational company that believes everyone has the tools to succeed – and their Twitter feed is inspirational too.

20. Inspiresme.co.uk – @inspiresmeuk

Tweets to their very useful features – a great part of the young entrepreneur world.


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