Celebrating the people behind British small businesses

Start your subscription business – why you need to take action now


The subscription business model is going from strength to strength as more and more companies evolve from selling products to becoming service providers. Technology giants whose brands have become synonymous with innovation, like Spotify, Netflix and Amazon, all understand the value of the subscription business model and are making active …

2014_10_20_Startup biz

Startup business headaches: how to cut corners


Running a business is never a straightforward affair. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have within your sector, problems will inevitably occur. Unfortunately, you’ll always run into a few things that you can’t do yourself; accounts and tax returns, marketing and promotion, the drafting of contracts, etc. There are, …

2014_10_17_Flickr office design

The science behind superior office design


When it comes to the places in which we work, there are so many different variations out there that it can be difficult to know which layout is best. Fortunately, there has been plenty of research done on the topic with results pointing towards modifications that can induce or hinder …

2014_10_15_GSEA Awards

Calling all student entrepreneurs!


EO’s Global Student Entrepreneur Awards are open for entries! The Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) is one of the biggest and best global competitions for student entrepreneurs who actively run a business alongside their studies. With more than 1,700 competitors from over 20 countries, the awards are a brilliant opportunity …


Quiet confidence: why introverts make great leaders


When you ask someone what qualities make a good leader, it’s pretty easy to guess what they’ll say. “A leader has to be charismatic”, perhaps. “A good speaker needs to be brave, direct, and assertive”, you might hear. Maybe even, “A leader should be self-assured, confident, even a bit stubborn in order …


Why investing in renewable energy makes financial sense for your business


On 23rd September, 120+ presidents and prime ministers gathered in New York for a UN meeting on climate change. As part of this meeting, they discussed their various policies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. On first glance, you might not think this can have a positive effect on your business, but if you …


Are you missing out on billions of pounds in damages?


British SME’s are missing out on billions of pounds in damages because they cannot afford their day in court. British SMEs have missed out on an estimated £172,000 in damages, the equivalent of around £250 billion across the UK, in the last five years because of unpursued commercial litigation. That’s …

Pile of pounds

Which type of loan is best for my business?


As the old adage goes, to make money you have to spend money – but getting hold of cash for your business in the first place is often far from straightforward, with a range of different options put there for you to choose from. If you’re looking for a cash …

2014_10_02_Google PostAds featured img_v2

Why you should start using Google+ ads


Remember the grand unveiling of Google+? Remember when it was invitation only for a few months? Remember them sponsoring a stage at Lollapalooza? Well, do you remember when that grand unveiling turned into complete silence, and one momentous sigh from those who thought it would supplant Facebook as the social …


Stand out from the online crowd with a human touch


Established an online presence? Check. Potential customers engaged by your website? Double check. Made your brand feel like it’s run by a human and not something from an Isaac Asimov story? Hmmm. Read on, robots! A recent report has claimed that the average internet shopper in the UK will spend more than …


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