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The CMA review of high street banks: What does it mean for SMEs?


By Rich Wagner, CEO and founder APS financial It’s fair to say that SMEs and banks have had a rocky relationship over the past few years. Misconduct and misleading behaviour from banks has developed into mistrust from the UK’s smallest companies. Our study into SME attitudes to banks uncovered that …

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What are the key things to include in an investor pitch deck?


By Al Taylor, CEO of tootle.co.uk  I’ve been in a lot of meetings with investors and I’m continually surprised by how different each conversation is: some investors focus on the team; others dive into the problem the company is solving; some spend the majority of time on how we will market …


What Goes Into Brand Guidelines


You spend hours, weeks, months, and even years creating a brand – treating it like a baby you nurture into an adult before it’s released into the world. From that point on it takes on a life of its own, but like any parent you need to set if off …

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Employee satisfaction is almost guaranteed — but long term service isn’t


By Matt Singer, VP of Marketing at Jobvite In today’s interconnected, always online, society, trends spread like wildfire. Consider music or fashion. Where once a particular genre or style could dominate popular culture for years, the internet now acts as a hyper-efficient sharing platform, increasing awareness of new trends exponentially …

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How the UK uses the internet and why it matters to your business


Just a few short years ago, most of the UK were casual internet users at best. Hidden behind dial-up connections and clunky PCs, the World Wide Web was a promising but cluttered space that had a high cost of entry. Nowadays, superfast Wi-Fi and 4G combined with our smartphones, tablets …

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Could 3D printing transform your relationship with your customers?


3D printing has become one of the most disruptive innovations to hit the market in recent years. Many of us have been wowed by the videos demonstrating the incredible capabilities of 3D printers, but what once seemed like a gimmick is quickly becoming a mainstream fixture in the homes of …

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What you need to know about implementing a website redirect strategy


If you’re rebranding your business, it’s likely you’ll want to redirect your old website to your new one, since there’s no need to lose business. What’s important, is to understand that it will have a lasting impact on your business. You’re essentially losing one brand and re-launching a new one. …

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Business Hook-Ups: The benefits of collaboration


By Rahul Parekh, Co-Founder and CEO of EatFirst Collaboration is a wonderful concept. There is no “one size fits all” model and your business can collaborate with almost any brand spanning virtually all sectors if it meets your objectives and is implemented correctly. Collaborations can include the obscure to the …

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Just how much is cash costing SMEs?


By Hetal Patel, Marketing Director at First Data Processing payments is far from the highlight of running a business – but without payments there would be no business. The way we transact is constantly changing – Apple Pay, cash, card, bitcoin, contactless are just some of the methods available today. …

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Which alternative finance method is best for your business – an infographic


56% of SMEs are unfamiliar with the different forms of alternative finance available to them. For this reason Choice Loans created this infographic to inform small businesses and help them decide which type of alternative finance method is best for them. View Interactive Version (via Choice Loans).