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4 tips for great giveaways at your next exhibition


Free stuff? Samples? It’s no secret that giveaways are one of the most lucrative marketing tools you can deploy at your business expo, event or trade show. Not only will you attract a crowd (who doesn’t love a freebie?) but you will also capture the attention of your customers in …

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Making the switch over: key considerations when changing accounting software


Changing accounting software could be the best decision you make for your business, but it’s important to get it right. With the right software you could automate many functions and really boost productivity across your organisation, so it’s a project to take seriously. Let’s take a look at some of …

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7 ways to grow your business – infographic


For most business owners expansion is on the cards from the very beginning. Whether you’re pursuing growth to meet customer demand or to expand your offering, take a look at this infographic by Liberis for seven ways to make it happen.

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Give the Best Employee Feedback with These Top Tips


By Christine Macdonald All employees require feedback. Whether they’re doing a great job or are becoming difficult to work with, feedback can have a dramatic effect on the way employees work. However, the way in which you offer feedback is crucial. Giving feedback is a task that every manager has to …

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Five things to consider when choosing your new office


By Joff Sharpe, Head of Operations at British Land and Co-Head of Storey Choosing an office location can be a frustrating and intimidating process. The sheer array of options available is often overwhelming: how do you know which solution is best for your business – especially when there are so many that are …


How to run an office well – what’s actually involved?


By Joff Sharpe, Head of Operations at British Land and Storey  How hard could running a small business office really be? Like most seemingly straightforward tasks, it’s more complicated in practice. After you’ve got your workspace up and running, ensuring that it stays that way can take considerable effort and …

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Top tips to safeguard your business


Safeguarding your business from potential threats is essential, whether by installing access control systems or using CCTV. In addition to demonstrating compliance through duty of care and GDPR and taking necessary steps to protect your brand’s reputation, you should  make security a top priority at your business. Ensure you have the following …

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Get results by changing behaviours in your business – 4 tips


It’s not breaking news! If you want better results in your business, it comes down to yourself and your people. However, if you’re looking to change how your business functions, to get those results it’s about changing attitudes and behaviours. Changing behaviours in your business can be a huge challenge …

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VW Polo Advertising: why does controversial advertising work?


Controversial branding and advertising campaigns can ruffle some feathers within society, but one thing that is guaranteed, is that it will catch people’s attention. But the question remains, where do you draw the line? How far is too far? Is there such a thing as bad publicity? Alternative approaches to …

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How to hire staff


By Alison King, Director, Bespoke HR If your business is growing, it may be time to consider hiring staff to help you expand. Where do you start and how do you attract the right people for your business? Job analysis The most important thing you can do is to create an …