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Business Quality Customer Survey Feedback

How best to ask customers for a review


By Andrew Mabbutt, CEO at global ratings and review site, www.feefo.com In the era of social media and rapidly evolving technology, reviews have become more important than ever. Now, it’s less about what you say about your business and more about what others say about your business. With this in mind, …

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The Quantified Entrepreneur: How a Founder Spends Their Time


My favourite thing about being a tech entrepreneur is that the job keeps changing. Your first job is to build a minimum viable product. Once you get good at that, you have a new job: raise investment. Once you get good at that, it’s time to change jobs again: grow …

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5 things you need to do before going into business with a friend


Some of the most successful businesses ever have been founded by close friends. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak gave us Apple, Sergey Brin and Larry Page conjured up Google, and let’s not forget Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield who gifted us Ben & Jerry’s. So we know that going into …

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5 Characteristics of an Engaging Manager


Employee engagement is a continuing HR concern across the globe. Psychological research surrounding engagement reflects that it is a significant driving factor behind employee productivity. Engaged employees are more likely to perform well, to be enthusiastic about their work and their organisation, and to be driven to succeed. These are …

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What apps mean for business


There is a growing trend of companies needing apps to truly meet their customers’ needs. This infographic by Glorium Technologies provides statistics on how often people use apps and how your business can benefit from this.

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5 Simple Ways to Turn Window Admirers into Customers


It can be frustrating when potential customers take a good, long look through your shop window to see what your shop is selling, before leaving without coming in. Sometimes their decision is out of your control, but other times there may be some subtle factors that your window admirers are …

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4 Strategies for Seasonal Business Success


By Rob Straathof, CEO at Liberis If your business is rammed busy some months and silent during others, there are plenty of clever ways to make the most of opportunities all year round. From managing your busy periods more effectively, to diversifying your business in quiet times, here are four …

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Four Advantages of Hiring International Staff


Many small businesses in Britain have the capability to hire international staff, yet so few take advantage of the opportunity. Of course, there are plenty of benefits to hiring domestic staff, but today I hope to inspire you to at least consider international employee relocation. Searching for employees overseas and …

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Why it’s critical to understand your team’s underlying culture


By Mario Moussa and Derek Newberry We all know that team culture matters.  The highest performing groups tend to be distinguished not just by what they accomplish, but who they are.  But the information on what type of culture to have is contradictory. Some emphasise the benefits of flat teams …

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How to Create a More Organised Business


Are you finding it difficult to keep organised and deliver a high standard of service to your customers? If so, it’s important to take the necessary steps required to rectify this problem. Below are some effective ways you can build a more organised business and deliver a more professional customer …